Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's Official: The Consolidated Kennesaw State University

It's official! We have recently consolidated with Southern Polytechnic State University! This means that we are now officially one university. With this merge we have added many new programs and degree options available to all students. The three newest colleges that came from the consolidation are the College of Architecture and Construction Management, College of Computing and Software Engineering, and Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

Who do I apply to for the Fall of 2015?
     If you're looking to apply for Fall 2015, apply through Kennesaw State University's admissions application. The online application link can be found here: http://ow.ly/INW1F.

When do academic classes consolidate?
    Academic classes will be consolidated this fall. This means that students on both campuses will be able to benefit from the increased program offerings.

Where is the Marietta Campus?
    KSU's Marietta Campus is located in Marietta Georgia, 15 minutes away from the Kennesaw Campus. To get to the Marietta campus from the Kennesaw Campus you take 75 South and take exit 265.

Will I have classes on both campuses?
   Certain majors will be offered on both campuses although their department may be headquartered at a specific campus. This spring, a master list will be released with details about which classes are offered on both campuses. Whenever you sign up for classes, you will be able to see the location of the class, and you can choose your classes accordingly. In the event that you have classes on both our Marietta and Kennesaw campus, B.O.B, our transportation system, will run between both at certain times.

Can I tour the Marietta Campus?
    Tours are offered at both the Kennesaw Campus and the Marietta Campus. If you would like to see the Marietta campus, schedule a tour here: http://ow.ly/INY5f.

It's a perfect time to be part of the new Kennesaw State University! There's always something exciting happening here:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Join Us for Owl Nation Preview Day!

Considering attending Kennesaw State University? Come see what life is like in Owl Nation during Owl Nation Preview Day. This is an event exclusive to high school juniors and seniors to showcase what KSU has to offer. Preview Day allows you to learn more about your prospective major, admissions and the unique opportunities at our university. You will also meet faculty and current students at Kennesaw State.

The day consists of a browsing session, academic breakout session according to major, an option to visit our University Housing and a complimentary lunch at our nationally ranked dining facility, The Commons. Owl Nation Preview Day is both fun and informative! You and your family can get an inside look at life in the Owl Nation.

Also, don't forget to use the #KSUsecret hashtag during Preview Day to be eligible to win an Owl Nation Prize Pack!

Preview Day is March 14, 2015. Registration is required, so sign up today. This is an event you don't want to miss. Register online here: http://ow.ly/I7gAW

See you there,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Start Fresh in 2015!

Happy Spring semester! Whether you're a new or returning Owl, you know that a new semester means a fresh start; new classes, new classmates and new opportunities! But there are also some important things to do before you can enjoy it:

- Order your textbooks: Login to your Owl Express account, and under the Student Services tab click on "KSU Bookstore." Through this link, you can automatically generate your required books based on your schedule. It is an easy tool to buy your books online so you can save time picking up your books. Remember that our book store also does a textbook buy back, so be sure to see if you can sell your books back at the end of the semester!

Buy an Agenda: It seems simple enough, but this is essential. As soon as I get my syllabi, I add important due dates in my agenda so I can always be prepared for the semester. Time management and staying organized are so important for starting and finishing a semester. Check out the bookstore for a great assortment of agendas. 

- Drop/Add: At the beginning of the semester, it is recommended to see your advisor. This can ensure that you're on track and you know what the next steps are towards finishing your degree! It's also a good time to go because if in the case you need to add a class, you can do so through January 13th during Drop/Add. 

- Pay for Classes: As soon as you finalize your schedule, pay your tuition. You may receive financial aid or scholarships, but always check your account for your remaining balance. You can check your account balance by logging into your Owl Express and under the Financial Aid tab selecting "View Account or Pay Online." You'll log in again and then you can see your balance. Pay tuition online or by cash or check at the bursars office. The deadline is January 20th. 

Be sure to get prepared so that you can fully enjoy the semester!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

#KSUGrad: Congrats!

Today wraps the Fall 2014 semester as grades are coming in, graduation ceremonies commence and we all get ready enjoy the holiday break before the new semester. Today, I was able to watch many of my friends and classmates walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. This includes one of our fellow tour guides and soon to be tour coordinator, Garrett.

We are so proud of him as well as the other graduates of KSU! Just think, in a little more than 4 years this could be you, Class of 2019. It seems surreal how fast it happens, but next semester I will be a #KSUgrad as well. After all, this is the reason we chose to attend college.

It's also important to remember that Kennesaw State University will be closed for the holidays from December 22- January 5. So be sure to stay up to date with the application deadlines and other university deadlines.

You are one semester closer to joining the Owl Nation! Enjoy the holidays, and eat lots of cookies.

- Shelby Huckeba


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#KSU19: Our New Owls!

Congrats on your acceptance to Kennesaw State University! Stay proactive on all the steps after acceptance so that you can be prepared for your very first week. There are so many exciting changes going on in not only your life, but KSU as a University. Here are just a few of the many things you can expect your freshman year:

Your First Week: The first few weeks of the semester are a great time to meet people, join clubs and experience KSU. After move-in there is the Week of Welcome with events like movies on the campus green, free concerts, games and prizes. Bazaar on the Bricks is a showcase of KSU clubs and organizations so you can get to know our school a little bit more. Going to events and getting involved on campus will enhance your college experience. 

SPSU & KSU: In the Fall of 2015, the merge with Southern Polytechnic State University will be official, upon approval. This will mean 100 degree programs to choose from, more clubs and organizations, opportunity to start new traditions while preserving the past and access to multiple facilities. We will be growing in numbers, size and opportunity. 

Football: Kennesaw State University is so excited to start the first season of football in the Fall of 2015. We are joining the Big South Conference your very first semester on campus. This means football games, tailgates, Owl pride and so much fun.You will be part of the first class to experience football all 4 years. Not to mention, create traditions that can carry on for the next 51 years.

There is a degree of independence once you are in college. This is your first opportunity to live on your own, choose your classes, make your own schedule and choose your experience. You have made a wise decision to come to KSU, so we know there will be many more great ones in your future. Congratulations class of 2019! We look forward to welcoming you to Owl Nation.


With Black & Gold Pride,
- Shelby Huckeba

Monday, December 1, 2014

Finals Frenzy: Take a Break

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Breaks! I know that I spent the week catching up on homework, sleeping and eating. But the break was much needed to prepare us for finals. But with all the stress of finals, it's also important to spend some time alleviating stress. Here are some fun and relaxing things to do in between studying.

Visit Kennesaw Mountain
This site is home to a lot of Georgia history. In 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign, Union and Confederate troops fought the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain where approximately 4,000 soldiers were killed. Modern day this is home to a national park and many hiking trails. Kennesaw Mountain is beautiful in the Fall, and is a great place to explore history, get some exercise and enjoy the views. Not to mention, burn off some Thanksgiving calories.

Go Shopping
The Atlanta Outlets are located only 10 minutes away, and are home to outlet shops of Nike, JCrew, Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, Cole Haan and many more. Town Center mall is another great shopping location and is only 5 minutes away. In addition to these places, there are many shops and boutiques located within minutes of campus. Who doesn't love new clothes?

Watch a Movie/ Play
There are many different movie theaters located in and around Kennesaw. The closest are AMC, Regal Cinemas and NCG. Catch up on a current release, or visit a drive in theater. Atlanta's Starlight Theatre is a drive-in movie theater that can provide a fun experience to movie watchers. The Fox Theatre would be another great Atlanta location to watch a play or musical.

Ice Skating/ Bowling
Visit the Ice Forum right across from our soccer stadium for some fun before or after finals. If that's too cold for you, Sparkles Skating Rink is right down the road and so is Brunswick Zone for bowling. Not to mention laser tag at Brunswick Zone, which is always fun to do with a group of people.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Kennesaw. Finals can be very stressful, so spend some time enjoying what Kennesaw has to offer before you take your final exams!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Kennesaw State: The Secret's Out...#KSUSecret

Kennesaw State University is one of Georgia's best kept secrets. Growing up in Kennesaw, I didn't know anything about KSU until I was a student here. To me it was merely the place I passed by to go to the mall; at that time I didn't know what Owl Nation was like. Now that I am here I can see all the things KSU has to offer, and the secrets about what makes Kennesaw State so great. Here are just a few of the many secrets of KSU.

- Our rare books library houses a folio of a 1685 Shakespeare work
- Vince Dooley helped bring football to our university
- $200 million of financial aid was awarded for the 2013 academic year
- Top employers of our graduates include Coca-Cola, CNN, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta,the Atlanta Hawks, FBI and Cobb County Schools
- The Commons, our main dining facility is ranked #4 among the nation's college campus food according to The Daily Meal
- We are NCAA Division 1
- Our nursing program has a 100% hire rate after 6 months of graduation
- Student to faculty ratio is only 21:1
- Our new Health and Recreation center will house 5 basketball courts, an indoor rockwall, an Olympic size lap pool, sunning deck and many more amenities
- The Commons won Innovator of the year in 2013 beating Walt Disney World and Taco Bell
- Central Parking deck is the third largest parking deck in the state of Georgia
- Our science laboratory has a confocal microscope that can produce 3-D images of cells and genes

These are just a few of the many secrets of what Kennesaw State University has to offer. Become part of Owl Nation to discover many more secrets of the university.

Hoot Hoot,
Shelby Huckeba

Friday, November 14, 2014

Becoming Wise Owls: Tutoring and Study Spots at KSU

It's nearing the end of the semester and finals are approaching quickly. This is why keeping up with studying and class work is crucial. It is also important to manage time wisely and to keep up with deadlines and school work throughout the entire semester.

There are so many tools and resources KSU offers to students. One of the services offered is math and science tutoring. If you need more help in one of these subjects, want to learn more or would just like guidance on an assignment, take advantage of the tutoring that is offered. The best part is that they will notify your professor that you attended a tutoring session. This can be beneficial because they see the work you are putting into their class, and they may be able to give you extra credit accordingly. Similar to math and science tutoring, the writing lab can take care of your writing needs. They review papers, give advice and guidance about certain formatting. If you aren't a strong writer, they are there to help you. If you have someone reviewing your paper, they may find errors that you weren't able to see. There are many other forms of tutoring offered in a variety of departments, ask your professor to see!

Believe it or not, professors are not out to get you. In movies and TV shows, it seems like their life mission is to watch you fail. This is not the case. Each professor is required to have office hours where they are available to students. Once I was given a huge Excel project with no knowledge of how to use the program. I went to my professor's office hours and she stayed with me for FIVE hours to help me with the assignment. These hours extended long past her office hours, but she was still willing to help me. This is why it is important to get to know your professors because I guarantee they want you to succeed.

So where are the #KSUsecret study spots on campus?
- Sturgis library: The library has a computer lab, group rooms, study desks and many other areas for students to work on schoolwork. My favorite spot to study is in Owl Space, the lowest level of the library. It's a good place to meet up with friends and groups.
-  Legacy Gazebo: If you want some sunshine while you study, visit the gazebo for an outdoor study spot.
- The Campus Green: Similar to the gazebo, students are welcome to choose a sunny or shady spot on the green. Feel free to study in your hammock, we have Wifi throughout campus.
- Jazzman's Cafe: Grab a coffee while you study near this spot. It's located in the Social Science building, and they even take dining dollars from your meal plan.
- The Burruss Building: One word- Starbucks. Grab a coffee and study here, you can even take advantage of the Mac computer lab or the accounting lab.

When you're a KSU student, you will find your favorite study spot. Either way, it is important to use the services offered by Kennesaw State to help you succeed! If you want more information about tutoring services visit the page of your academic college. For example, here is the list of tutoring options for Cole's College of Business students: http://coles.kennesaw.edu/undergraduate/resources/tutoring.htm.

If you have any specific questions do not hesitate to ask!
- Shelby Huckeba

Monday, November 3, 2014

Past to Present: KSU's History

Kennesaw State University is only 51 years old, and we already have over 25,000 students. The university has grown in a variety of ways over the past 51 years. Here are some #KSUsecrets about our history.

- Kennesaw Junior College was planned to open in Cartersville
- The first Kennesaw Junior College classes were on The Southern Technical Institute's campus which is now known as Southern Polytechnic State University. We are excited to consolidate with them to become a new university in 2015!
- The first administration building is now home to The Department of Public Saftey
- Bobby Oliver was the first African American Faculty member in 1971
- Horace Sturgis was the first president, and our library and live owl are named after him
- KSU became NCAA Division I school in 2005
- Newt Gingrich was a visiting history professor
- Ty Pennington is one of our alumni

1963: First classes of Kennesaw Junior College take place
1966: First students attend Kennesaw Junior College. Enrollment was 1,014.
1975: Carmichael student center is built
1976: Board of Regents vote to make Kennesaw Junior College a 4 year institution (changes to Kennesaw College in 1977)
1980: Kennesaw College awards the first bachelor's degree
1988: Name is changed to name to Kennesaw State College
1900: 10,000 students are enrolled
1996: Name is changed to Kennesaw State University. KSU has changed names many times over the years, first as Kennesaw Junior College to Kennesaw College, then to Kennesaw State College, now to Kennesaw State University.

Our school is continuing to grow and change in many ways. We are very proud of where we have come, and are excited to experience the next 50 years. To find more information and pictures from our history check out our 50th anniversary page at http://www.kennesaw.edu/50th/index.html.

- Shelby Huckeba

Thursday, October 23, 2014

See It To Believe It: Kennesaw State Tours

The best way to know if you fit in at a University is to see it. There are so many options of Universities and when you are looking online at the facts they may blend together. Every campus has a different feel and it's important to go to the campus to see if it is for you. This year we have been talking about all of the secrets Kennesaw has to offer, and on the tour you will be able to see and discover some of those secrets.

What is involved on a tour?
First you will start out with an information session to give admissions requirements and other important information. After the session, the campus tour begins! Our tour consists of many different stops including the student center, convocation center, business building, campus green, nursing building, and last but not least housing.

Did I mention that you can receive a special discount to eat in our dining hall after your tour? Take advantage of it! Our food rocks.

How long is the tour?
The information session lasts about 30 minutes and the tour can take up to 1.5 hours. So most likely plan 2.5 hours from when the information session starts.

What if I can't miss school?
We provide school excuses to students who may be exempted from attending school that day. We also have one Saturday tour a month that students can register for.

Where is the free stuff?
Let's get real, everyone is wondering. You will receive a folder and packet of information as well as a free pen. If students actively participate they may earn a pendant or other prize as well. Guests are also given wrist bands for all you can eat at the Commons for only $5.

I'm in, where do I sign up?
See our website visit.kennesaw.edu for a full list of the available times and dates!

It is so important to see a school before you make a decision on whether or not to attend. You want to see where your classes are going to be, where you'll eat everyday, and where you will be living among other things; these are very important things to take into account.

We offer tours at 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM Monday-Friday, and one Saturday tour a month. There are a lot of eager owls, so be sure to sign up as soon as you can! We would love for you to come see our school and fall in love with it the same way we have. As a tour guide, I know that tours can be a lot of fun. Our mascot, Scrappy has made an appearance on some of my tours and the President of our University, Dr. Daniel Papp has made an appearance as well. You never know what is going to happen when you visit KSU!

All you social media gurus also have the opportunity to win a prize. If you use the hashtag #KSUsecret and share your tour experience or your KSU spirit, you can be entered in to win a prize! Winners will be drawn every month and will be selected to win some cool KSU gear.

- Shelby Huckeba