Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Number 10: KSU CAREs! Emergency Housing for Homeless Students

The fall 2016 semester was one of many new beginnings at Kennesaw State.  With the largest enrollment in the university’s history, more students than ever were set to begin their school year on a positive note.  However, not every student coming to KSU had a place to call home, whether on campus or off.
The fact is, there are several students enrolled at KSU who are homeless.  So beginning this year, one university employee, Marcy Stidum, came up with an innovative response to this crisis – emergency housing for homeless students.
Kennesaw State’s Campus Awareness, Resource & Empowerment (CARE) Center oversees this initiative, as well as other efforts to help students who have experienced homelessness, food insecurity, and/or the foster care system.  From running an on-campus food pantry and providing personal care items all the way to assisting with access to housing, the KSU CARE Center greatly supports students in need.  See for yourself by clicking here.    
Before today you may not have realized how much we at KSU care about the well-being of our students.  We don’t just care about the “U”, we really CARE about you!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coming Soon: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About KSU…But Should!

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess, KSUOwls.com

Kennesaw State University is a thrilling place to be. With over 35,000 students, 100+ innovative degree programs, and NCAA Division I athletics, there’s a lot to like. 
But there’s also a lot you may not know.
That’s why we’re gearing up to feature ten items that’ll show you KSU in a new light, right here on our admissions blog.  We’re excited to share these with you, and we trust they’ll get you excited about being a part of Owl Nation.
Stay tuned, and get ready to take flight with Kennesaw State!

P.S. – Your questions and comments are always welcome on here, and we’ll do our best to respond to them in a timely manner.  Go Owls!